About TwoTonic

TwoTonic Labs are the makers of StoryStream and providers of advisory and consulting services to help teams model, design and build modern products. We’re committed to making product development more open, collaborative and frictionless for individuals and teams.

The TwoTonic approach and the StoryStream canvas are inspired by a modelling approach called event storming - listed as the only technique to adopt on the ThoughtWorks Radar in 2019. We were early adopters of the technique and have since used it on every project we’ve done in the past 3 years. We also built a predecessor product to StoryStream that we used successfully with clients. This inspired us to build a more robust version and make it available to the community. Our approach keeps the conversation at just the right level. Detailed enough to provide clarity but high-level enough so that everyone can contribute. You’ll come away with deep business insight and teams that are aligned through enhanced communication and collaboration.


Robert Reppel


Robert Reppel wrote his first commercial software applications more than 25 years ago and continues to look forward. He is deeply-technical but comes from a long line of business people; he comes by his strong business acumen honestly.

He has spoken and blogged about the power of modelling and building systems using an event-centric approach and helped build Adaptech Solutions into a world-class software consulting firm.

Robert Zalaudek


Robert is a technology entrepreneur and start-up executive with extensive senior level sales and relationship management experience. He comes from the business side but has been immersed in technology for so long that he’s exhibiting geek tendencies.

Most recently, Robert was Chief Commercial Officer of Adaptech Solutions, a leading software consultancy providing API and microservices design and development to companies around the world.